At Belle & Rusell we believe that every child begins their life with an ‘incredible potential’. They are born with a creative mindset that approaches the world with curiosity, questions and a natural desire to learn about the world and themselves through active involvement.

We believe that the acquisition of knowledge is active and that children learn best when engaged in learning activities and spaces that are developmentally appropriate.

We believe that they will benefit from a balanced education that invites creativity and curiosity into the learning process and cultivate character building for life-long learning.

We are located in Kota Damansara in a retail shop lot along Persiaran Surian.

Our premise strives to provide a welcoming environment designed to be child friendly, fun and conducive experiential learning space for optimal peer interaction and independent research. It is highly secured as the safety of the children is our utmost concern.

The children will be guided and facilitated by professional exemplary educators devoted to maximizing their potentials in partnership with their parents.